Tricking This new form of artistry combines the two oldest motion arts – martial arts and acrobatics –
to create a free and modern kind of performing art.
Kicks are fused with twists and flips
in creative and versatile combinations.
Hyperhook  The six performers from Hyperhook are among Germany's tricking pioneers
and unite the best trickers in their shows. With over 10 years of experience
they bring this art of motion to stages across the world.

Performance For show performances, as well as in T.V. and film productions, they represent tricking
in public. The artists from Hyperhook perform individually in the commercial sector
and also offer self-choreographed show concepts.


Latest Project

Our Promotion Video 2017



Tricking Show

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Chapter One

Traditional asian martial arts are combined with elements from tricking in this show.

Martial arts stances and forms like you see in the movies are followed by explosive kicks, making Chapter One an epic highlight.


Royal Flush

Classic swing music, an unusual game of poker, and a cheater.

The four gentlemen try their hardest to stay fair, but nobody is playing with their cards on the table. Royal Flush combines acting, music, and breakneck acrobatics into a rapid round of poker.

Tricking Show

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