As Germany's first professional tricking show performance team, Hyperhook was founded in 2016 with the aim of putting tricking on the map and introducing it to the world.

The crew's performers, who have been active for over 10 years, have been a part of tricking since its origins in Germany and have heavily shaped the sport over the years. Each performer from Hyperhook is among the national pioneers of tricking's history and has formed the sport with his own skills and personality, which has helped spread tricking to the public as an art form of self-expression.

They have already performed for big brands and clients in countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Japan, China, as well as in the USA, bringing tricking as an underground sport to big stages across the world.


Tricking originated in the USA nearly 20 years ago. Martial artists performed a sequence of movements for demonstration in their katas to the judges at tournaments. To steadily increase the point valuation over the years, the most diverse spins and jump kicks were incorporated, which increased the overall difficulty of the sequences. Over time more variations and combinations with a higher complexity were created and, in reference to the movements, this is where the term "tricking" came from.

Videos of trickers spread on internet platforms showing them practicing techniques and sharing the footage in international forums with the community. As a result, influences from a variety of arts, such as taekwondo, capoeira or breakdancing, arose, which lead to more and more elements being incorporated into the diversity of tricking. Tricking is essentially different from all other artistic performances because it is entirely free, and any kind of routine or kick variation can be incorporated in one leap.

The term "tricking" is thus far still very unknown, but is increasingly establishing itself in the media and in public. Nowadays you can see tricking in Hollywood film productions, such as Tron Legacy or Step Up, and it is becoming increasingly more in demand in the film industry. From the Hong Kong martial arts classics of the past four decades to the Marvel blockbusters of today, acrobatic tricking performances are seen time and time again in action films.

Even international championships of the sport are increasing in popularity and continually attract people's attention. Hyperhook has already come in first place twice at the "BIG Trick" championships in the "single battle" category, and also successfully proved their abilities among the best tricking athletes in the world in the battles at the HOOKED European Championships.



Hyperhook's debut as a team occured in 2016 on the Gymmotion "Sky" tour. With "Chapter One", they performed an epic mix of martial arts and tricking across all of Germany in front of a total of 30,000 spectators.

Shortly after that they proved that tricking can be transformed in to a new type of entertainment with acting and humor in the choreography. "Royal Flush" was considered one of the highlights of the program on the Turngala "Bodies and Beats" tour in 2016 and, throughout the entire tour, gave the audience a better understanding of the unique aesthetic of tricking.

Hyperhook combines the movements from tricking and artistry with the choreographies in their performances to create one-of-a-kind show concepts.